Tarcisio Celestino, new President (2016-2019) of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association.





This is a big congress,  as we all know at this moment the biggest congress in ninety history and of course it could expect that  beign in the United States, but on the other hand we did not see this in 1996 the congress also hear it was not so significant as it is now so one good  thing about this many good things about this congress but one of them is that being so big it how loud the number of technical sessions also to be large number  and I cannot  think of any important subjet in tunneling that wich has not been covered in at least one technical session.


I‘d say the major our major role is to increase the talon market it has been increasing but on the other hand we still see that there is a lot of demand  for underground works things wich are still constructed on surface wich should not and this is what we should influence most,  in other words the activity of why go underground use of underground space if we can improve that I´m very sure that all the other activities will come also with their improvements it will be a consequence good role that I  had in this sense is to influence the member nations to start because we cannot just go to a constant that directly to the government it´s much easier if we do that throuh the member nations their role of member nations to approach government and in each country and influence and show how underground solutions are much better in some situations.

I´m very sure that the benefits of this congress will take longer to take some time to digest and have a good sense and that the results will do very good and will not feel them next month, it will something wich for the next 12 months we´re coming up




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